A miracle on a rainy day

Today I experienced a miracle on a rainy day. I had to prepare for a wedding for tomorrow. It was raining the whole day. The thatch roof we thought we fixed yesterday was leaking like crazy onto the tables. There was absolutely nothing we could think of to fix it before the wedding tomorrow.

I was feeling disappointment and very stressed. We attempted to fix the leaks from the inside with cement, as we could not do much more with the rain pouring down. Of course, it did not help much. I kept on asking Google what tomorrow’s weather would look like in the hope that we might have a pleasantly dry wedding, but Google kept on repeating that it will rain the whole day tomorrow until Sunday.

I prayed about it and stressed a bit and prayed some more. And then God showed up, He showed me an easy solution with a thick plastic sheet and some wire, and we made funnels for the water to run down to the outside. We decorated around it a bit and honestly it is not even visible.

I have been doing weddings for many years and I have seen countless miracles. I really do believe that weddings are special to God, and that He does help when a crisis hits. I am in awe of His goodness and His involvement in the small details of our lives.

For some photos of recent weddings see our Facebook page or our portfolio page.

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