Africa’s Top 100 Awards

Usually I would not be touched so much by an award, but this time it is different. Yesterday 4 March (the day the announcement was made), exactly a year ago our 900kg gate fell on me when I was opening for wedding guests. Only by a miracle I survived, I fell in a very unusual way and had a wedge fracture. I was told later that if the pressure was only 1% more, I would have been paralyzed. There are so many miracles around that day- just 3 months before the accident I decided that I had to get medical aid, just in time for the accident to be covered. 6 Men could not lift the gate off me, my husband came and with super natural strength, lifted the gate and put it back in place.
What followed was a long hospital stay, 3 months of lying on my back, learning to walk again, and lots and lots of emotional turmoil. At some stage I thought I would have to give up doing weddings.
God is so faithful! A year later I get nominated. That is His grace. A year ago I thought everything was lost.
Last year March was a very busy wedding month and I was so worried but JP Maree & Natasha Maree just took over. Riekie and Marius Bornmann just jumped in to help as well. I appreciate you guys. Louise Wheeler your catering sets us apart. Aaron Mtandiko РI cannot do this without you. You deserve an award. Rejéan Lee Horn you brighten up my life thanks for the flowers. Jaco Erasmus, you bought this place when it was a dump with potential because I wanted it and you put your heart and soul into fixing it. I love you. Wimpie Cronje thanks for the amazing ceremonies and Kiana Furniss for your photos and dedication. Klaus Kuhn & Amanda Kuhn for your prayers and support always. Petro Annandale for helping me through that time and even baking for my son on his birthday. Illse van Wyngaarden and Rehancke Van Wyngaarden for driving my kids around. I had one amazing team carry me this year!!

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