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Wedding day expectations: don’t let expectations ruin your wedding day

“Don’t let expectations ruin your marriage”. This quote is as true for marriage as it is for your wedding day. Yesterday I was speaking to a lady at a function about marriage. She said that she noticed how so many people are giving up on marriage because they are disillusioned by the reality of it.

We are bombarded every day with images of kissing, loving, laughing couples on social media. Yes, those things should be there, but they do not show you the messy, hard and ugly things. Marriage is hard. It is about fighting for your love and about believing in the person you chose even when they are less than perfect.

Wedding day dreams

The same is true for your wedding day. It is a precious, once in a lifetime day, but it is just a day. Every day has its challenges and less than perfect moments. You are bombarded with Pinterest images of perfect weddings. And you want yours to look exactly like the pictures. Yes, it is possible sometimes, but at a price that might not be within your budget and also often the flowers for instance shown in the pictures are not available in South Africa.

We promise to go out of our way to make your dreams a reality, and we promise to communicate when we cannot achieve a certain look you want within your budget, and we will offer achievable alternatives.

A meeting brings insight

At a wedding last year, I was having a day full of little surprising stresses. As I was running up and down handling all the little issues, the bride’s father approached me. He was smoking a cigarette and looking peacefully at the sky. He asked me why I was so stressed out. I said that the challenges were making me stress as I wanted the bride to have a perfect day. He asked me what I could do about the situation to change it and honestly there was nothing I could do. He said that weddings are supposed to be about, unity, love and family and friends coming together to celebrate love.

That is what people will remember, not the little things that were less than perfect. And just there, I decided not to lose perspective, but to remember that weddings are about love, unity and family and not perfection.

Remember that your day is about love and do not let little imperfections spoil your day. Don’t let expectations ruin your wedding day. Challenges will come on your wedding day as in your marriage, hold on to love and do not get distracted by imperfections.

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