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Why are weddings so expensive?

This a question we hear all the time. First of all, let me start by saying that a wedding is NOTHING like a party or function. I must admit that a lot of venues really do charge exorbitant prices. But there are venues that are reasonable. Still, you cannot expect to pay the same venue price for a party as for a wedding.

Our venue, Forevermore Moments offers quite a few packages. We try to cover all needs in our packages. Our most popular package is the all-inclusive package. It includes everything from planning, invites and Save the Dates, to decor and flowers and a DJ. Not included is the champagne on the tables, wedding, cake, photographer, hair and make-up and a marriage officer.

We offer wedding planning as a part of our packages. Usually, a couple would book the venue a year in advance. When they book, we start with the planning process, using a planning online program with timelines, to do lists, budget section, idea boards, a guestlist and layout. On average I spend 6 months to a year with a couple, meeting them (we offer unlimited meetings and venue visits), communicating over email and WhatsApp and exchanging ideas. Some brides are full time, as they will send messages and expect immediate responses any time of the day or night. A wedding is not just one day, it is 6 months to a year’s work that goes into that one day.

I was part of a business group at one stage and one of the members said to me that he wished he could have a venue that generates money with no work from my side. I just laughed and said that I would also like a venue that generates income with no effort. Owning a venue is very much like raising a baby. There is always something wrong. Something always breaks, something always needs attention.

In essence, a venue mostly makes money on a weekend, the rest of the week is for preparing and maintenance. The property bond must be covered, maintenance and salaries for gardeners and cleaners, whether there is a function or not.  Maintaining a perfect space for couples is not an easy task and very expensive. With a party, small imperfections of the venue are tolerated, but not with a wedding, perfection is expected.

So yes, weddings are expensive, but consider the time put into the planning process, the expenses for creating a perfect space for your wedding. After all you want a day to remember forever and making that dream a reality, requires time and resources.

Have a look at our wedding packages and elopement options to find a deal to suit your pocket. Also have a look on our Facebook page for some recent photos and updates.